Shop design for fashion label Comme des Garçons. This design was born out my fascination for graphics in architecture, which is also a big inspiration for Rei Kawakubo, the founder of the brand. I’m really interested in the formation of lines, grids and graphics on the ground created by the sun. I focuses on how these architectural shadows move during the day. I translated this aspect into a concept for two corners (shop in shop) for Comme des Garçons. In both corners LCD screens are incorporated, showing slow moving graphic grids.

Work: Research, Concept & 3D design


The first shop is a design loose in space, the screen is integrated into a fragment of the floor, and shows very slow moving lines. This reflects on how the sun moves the architectural shadows. On the remaining floor the same lines are showed, but these don’t move, refering to the standing building with the same grid as the shadows. I worked  The clothing racks and counter are also converted to graphic lines and compositions.



In the second corner the LCD screen is integrated into the wall, and shows very slow moving lines as well.
This corner has a light mirror floor, which creates an extra dimension. All the lines will be further reflected on the floor.
When you walk through the shop all the lines move slowly with you


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